John Madden is Officially Off My All-Madden Team

caliendo_maddenAfter thirty years, the guy just up and quits.   “It’s time. I’m 73 years old,” Madden said in a statement. “My 50th wedding anniversary is this fall.”  How weak.  At least come up with something we can get behind:  I can’t stand in the booth any longer due to advancing osteoperosis, I’ve lost 40% of vision in my right eye, if I did one more game I’d have to kill Al Michaels.   It’s the equivalent of a veteran football player with a couple of more years left in the tank quitting to tend to his vegetable  garden.  

I predict he’ll be back before his 51st wedding anniversary, probably for another network and a new pimped-out MaddenCruiser.  Hard to imagine a football lifer  like John Madden staying away from the game for long…

One Response to “John Madden is Officially Off My All-Madden Team”

  1. TommyA Says:

    Gotta jump in on this one CHE. I couldn’t agree more — weak excuse from JM. But I think there’s more to the story. it just so happens that Harry Kalas, who the Phillies and the baseball world sadly lost on Monday, was also 73. Kalas, who was not a heavy man by any means died of heart disease. I know Madden knew Kalas well. He’s probably thinking “Whoa, Harry was a thin guy. I’m not. I’d better run, not walk to my cardiologist NOW!”

    Let’s face it, Madden never met a buffet table he didn’t love. He’s not exactly the poster child for fitness. I think the anniversary is a “aw, ain’t he sweet?” comment to appease the ladies. Personally, I think the guy’s scared shitless he’s gonna drop.