Q: What is The Sportsman’s Daily?

The Sportsman’s Daily is a multi-media purveyor of hard-hitting sports news. It’s where the nation’s top sports editors, producers and reporters strap it on and crank it out, all day every day. Some news outlets ask why. We ask why not. Some ask what. We ask what if. The Sportsman’s Daily is where sports gets real.

Q: What are the terms and conditions of using The Sportsman’s Daily content?
Users are free to disseminate articles, excerpt online exchanges (via the Scrum), and share audio clips from Sportsman’s Daily Radio (our radio arm). The commercial use of Sportsman’s Daily Radio content requires prior consent.

Q: How do I advertise on The Sportsman’s Daily?
Please contact us.

Q: Does The Sportsman’s Daily accept submissions?
At present we do not accept unsolicited submissions.

Q: How do I report technical or content errors?
Please contact us.

Q: What is Sportsman’s Daily Radio?
Sportsman’s Daily Radio gives listeners an hour’s worth of hard-hitting, no punches-pulled “sports news.” It is hosted and produced by writer, humorist, broadcaster and composer, Tom Alexander.

Q: What is the Scrum?
Scrum refers to a play in Rugby wherein two sets of forwards mass together around the ball and, with their heads down, struggle to gain possession of the ball. In British parlance, it’s a disordered or confused situation involving a number of people. In The Sportsman’s Daily parlance, the Scrum is a disordered and confused online forum involving a number of highly aggressive – and often confused — people opining about sports and a myriad of things having some relationship to sports.

Q: Where can I send additional questions?
Please contact us.

And Now…For Some Completely Different Questions (which are also asked quite frequently)

Q: Honey, have you seen my car keys?
A. Where are you taking me to dinner? We here at The Sportsman’s Daily are not big fans of questions answering questions, but if you’ve been in any serious relationship, you probably know that asking the car keys question will result in two possible responses. The first, would be an assault by your significant other on your organizational skills. The second, would be the sarcastic assumption that the “only” reason you’re asking is to take him/her out to dinner. There is of course a third response which generally suggests an anatomically impossible act.

Q: Do you think Oswald acted alone?
A. This question has been asked pretty frequently since the Warren Commission launched their investigation into the Kennedy Assassination. Conspiracy theories continue to flourish to this day. As for Oswald acting alone, we’re not sure. Fellow cast members said he preferred supporting roles in period farces.

Q: How do you take your coffee?
A. Most of us here at The Sportsman’s Daily take it intravenously, which confuses the folks at Starbucks. Besides, the Doppio Macchiato often clogs the IV drip.

Q: You think it’s gonna rain?
A. No, I’m taking the umbrella in case the sex toys malfunction. Sarcastic? Yes. But certainly a snappy retort that makes the guys in the mailroom spit their deviled ham all over their shiny new pocket protectors.

Q: Do I look fat?
A. Compared to what? Another question answering a question. But if you have to ask, you probably are.

Q: May I see your driver’s license and registration please?
A. “Is that a nightstick you’re carrying officer or are you just happy to see the dead broad in my trunk?” With this line, you’ll either be taken downtown for questioning, or the cop will let you go for originality. Unless you’re in Mississippi, where you’ll be shot on site.

Q: Is there a God?
A. Yes. He’s 6-11 with a handle. The dude can ball.