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FROM THE VAULT: Classic TSD Stories

Monday, April 20th, 2009


Frazier vs. AliChemical Ali, that is.


RodDICK Move Andy Splits with Brother

A-Rod Throws Down

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

If you thought Rudy and Sarah made for a nasty one-two punch, check out some of the trash Andy Roddick is throwing out at his next opponent, Novak Djokovic. Here’s an excerpt from ESPN:

 A reporter was explaining that the Serbian player had complained of an injured right ankle when Roddick cut him off, sparking this charming exchange:

Roddick: Isn’t it both of them? And a back and a hip?

Reporter: And when he said there are too many to count …

Roddick: And a cramp.

Reporter: Do you get a sense right now that he is …

Roddick: Bird flu.

Reporter: A lot of things. Beijing hangover.

Roddick: Yeah.

Reporter: He’s got a pretty long list of illness.

Roddick: Anthrax. SARS. Common cough and cold.

Great stuff. Look, like 99.9% of tennis fans I love Roger – love his game, and particularly the way he handles himself – for a superstar athlete he seems like a human being.  But you’ve got to like it when tennis players talk trash. I’m looking forward to their match – the edgy American vs. the defiant Serb. Now if only they’d get Michael Buffer to bring them onto the court…and Mills Lane to make the calls…with Lamps and Larry at courtside…ding, ding, ding…let’s get ready to rummmmble.

Prediction: Roddick by TKO in four.