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Andy Rooney Slammed for Slurring Serbian Tennis Players

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

(In recognition of Andy Rooney finally hanging ’em up at the ripe old age of 92, we’re re-posting a story from several years back. The story captures the side of Mr. Rooney we all found so endearing —  chiefly the irascibility of the old coot. He is the patron saint of every angry geezer who ever chased you off his front lawn.  It also happens to be as good excuse as any to post a picture of the ever-lovely Ms. Ana Ivanovic.)

Ana Ivanovic. Words elude us.

NEW YORK, NY (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) – “60 Minutes” correspondent Andy Rooney caused a mild stir for writing a column several months ago attributing his lack of interest in baseball to his inability to differentiate among players, since according to the doddering curmudgeon, they all go by the name “Rodriguez.” What at first appeared to be a racial slur was later attributed to a rare brain malfunction that causes all names — whether they are Hispanic in origin or not — to sound like Rodriguez, which prompted many to give Rooney a grudging pass.

However, Rooney’s recent comments about the number of Serbs playing in the Australian Open — which include a men’s and women’s finalist — appear to stem from not a brain disorder, but rather his long-standing bias against South Slavic people with distinct Y-DNA chromosome distributions, bearing unpronounceable, vowel-challenged surnames. Three of the world’s top ten tennis players are Serbs – Novak Djokovic, 20, ranked No. 3 in the men’s game (who just yesterday beat Roger Federer in straight sets), Jelena Jankovic, 23, and Ana Ivanovic, 20, who will play Maria Sharapova in Saturday’s women’s final. (Note: of course since this article was published, Novak Djokovic has gone on to enjoy one of the best seasons in the men’s game, recently winning the U.S. Open, defeating Rafael Nadal in the final.) (more…)