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“Rafa Goes Gaga”: Only One Person Capable of Bringing Nadal Down on Clay: Ana Ivanovic

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Nadal's only weakness on the crushed brick -- a weakness shared by millions of heterosexual men on planet Earth.

PARIS, FRANCE (The Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) — Rafael Nadal is arguably the most dominant dirt courter ever, as emphatically demonstrated by his thumping of Roger Federer in the French Open final this past Sunday, earning the Spaniard his sixth Roland Garros title.

At twenty-five,  Nadal is widely considered capable of reeling off another 3-4 consecutive Roland Garros titles, perhaps more. Unless an as-yet unknown clay court stud emerges from the junior ranks, all that stands between Nadal and unchallenged dominance at the French is injury…or  Ana Ivanovic, the 6-1 inch Serbian stunner with the punishing forehand who was recently voted the best-looking woman in the history of tennis by the Melbourne newspaper The Age.

“Rafa’s gone completely gaga,” said a fellow tour player. “He’s got it bad. Early into the tournament, he was banging balls on a practice court and he caught a whiff of Ana’s unmistakable scent – a surge of lilac with a hint of Balkan sandalwood – who was practicing three courts over. Ana’s like kryptonite…you could see the energy escaping his body. I half-expected to see songbirds merrily orbiting his bandana.” (more…)

Nadal’s Mysterious Nap Between Sets Stuns Soderling and Crowd

Monday, June 7th, 2010

In the ZZZZone. Rafael Nadal catches some Z's mid match in Paris.

PARIS (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) Rafael Nadal captured his fifth French Open and his seventh career Grand Slam tournament Sunday when he defeated Robin Soderling of Sweden in straight sets 6-4, 6-2, 6-4.  The win moved Nadal ahead of rival Roger Federer as the number one ranked men’s tennis player in the world.

But what puzzled Soderling and the capacity crowd and Roland Garros was Nadal’s decision to take a nap (see photo) in between the first and second sets. There were raised eyebrows when Nadal didn’t switch sides of the net and simply plopped himself down on his back and went to sleep. (more…)