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From the Archives: Seahawks’ 12th Man Under PED Investigation

Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

The Loud Crowd. Seattle’s 12th man should be quaking in their boots.

SAN FRANCISCO (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service)  When your home crowd actually registers on the Richter Scale and causes a minor earthquake, it’s time to take a peek under the hood.

The Seattle Seahawks fan base has long been known for being the loudest in professional sports. Last weekend, they set a new world record for decibels setting off seismic activity.

“Fortunately, the team was away Sunday and suffered a loss  – which I’m hoping defuses the previously unyielding mania.” said Seismologist, Gerhardt Pferd Sheisen, of the Pacific Rim Institute in nearby Kent, Washington.  “I’m convinced the fans are jazzed up on steroids, which could lead to a big quake, potential structural damage, and one hell of a league fine.” (more…)

After Loss, Packers Fans Cope With Shattering Realization They Also Live in Fucking Green Bay

Monday, January 19th, 2015

What a Packass! Brandon Bostick losing his grip.

GREEN BAY (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) After playing arguably the most conservative 4th quarter in NFL playoffs history, the Green Bay Packers found themselves on the losing end of a miraculous overtime comeback by the Seattle Seahawks in Sunday’s NFC Championship Game. The final score was 28-22. The loss, which appeared like a sure win for the Packers, left their fans in utter shock. (more…)