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Tom Alexander is your host for classic funny stuff.

The Sportsman's Daily Weekend Show is radio appendage of the Sportsman's Daily website, and the only total sports parody show on radio.  Hosted by Tom Alexander, TSDWS lampoons the sports world with satire that is both absurd and hard hitting.  Tom is joined in studio by the Editor-in-Chief of the Sportsman's Daily, Charles Epstein.

It's biting satire with chattering teeth.  

Below are some classic moments from the Sportsman's Daily Weekend Show (formerly Jockstraps Radio).

Always check back for new sports comedy bits right here.  We're developing new platforms to deliver our latest material, so stay tuned.   

patchFrom the Bleachers w/Tom Alexander

Tommy A uncovers the best sports publicist on the planet. The answer may astound you.

billypFrom the Bleachers w/Tom Alexander

So long to Skynyrd's Fist Pumpin' Power-packed Piano Prince.

Directory of spots

You can listen to The Sportsman's Daily Weekend show by clicking here. This will open a separate window with our Flash MP3 player - flash plug-in is required.

  1. Jockstraps Radio Intro
  2. ZO-DA -- The high powered energy drink made from the sweat of Alonzo Mourning gives you the over-the-top energy you need all day.  
  3. Alicia, the Radio Monitor -- Do-gooder Alicia Welles let's Tom know she doesn't appreciate the show's overtly sexual nature -- in her own special way.
  4. The Baseball Beatings - Pulp private investigator Dirk Rollins looks into the mysterious beating of a hot dame's boyfriend, by a baseball player named Billy Barrett.
  5. Batter's Buddy - The electronic nightmare that blinds pitcher's permanently.
  6. Bonds to Hit Homer for Perfectly Healthy Rich Kid - As he was winding down his "record" chasing year, Barry Bonds went out of his way to promise hitting a homer for the fabulously wealthy H. Prescott Kent. Carl Davies reports.
  7. Crackerjack Owes Baseball - Apparently years of free advertising in the song Take Me Out to the Ballgame has the makers of Crackerjack owing MLB a cool 20 mill. Gregory Jansen reports.
  8. ESP-VO - It doesn't pause live television. It shows you live television before it happens!  Win big on sports!
  9. NHL's Newest Sponsor -- A perfectly proper joke to tell in mixed company. From the radio show monolgue.
  10. Porno Horse Race -- The magnificent Run for the Rubber, the race where all the horses are owned by porn stars. A Sportsman's Daily classic!
  11. The Cheese Beating Contest - Have you ever taken a sturdy hunk of cheddar off the skull? This contest held in France every year raises a good cheese beating to an artform. Gregory Jansen reports.
  12. Lipitor-tellini -- A proud TSD sponsor.  It clogs your arteries and fights cholestorol all in the same bite! Mmmm -- Delicious!!
  13. Richard III -- Quentin Tarrantino gets his mitts on the Shakespeare classic!  Can't wait for this one to come out.
  14. Sean Connery Won't Stand for Booing -- the legendary actor and his pals throw down a good beating on whomever boos his favorite teams.


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