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This page includes "found" videos (with distinctive TSD flourishes) and TSD originals.  The page is refreshed through the week.

This is the kind of competition we can get behind.

Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt "just a bit out of context."

A classic moment from a classic sports comedy. It's in the hole!

Proof that fake wrestling is real from the Pulp Sport guys.

David Letterman Gets "Big Voice Announcer Guy" to do His Bidding.

Robot Chicken Does A Yo Momma-Off

Presenting "TSD's Shameless Self Promotion and Bastardizing of a Foreign Film Classic for Our Own Benefit to Really Upset the Purists" Video

Peter Griffin's Pick for Assistant Coach -- Oops!

Point. Set. Match. Daffy Style.

Airing it Out.

Ali G Goes Hoops

In Extreme Sports, there are times you only get one chance.

Stewie Griffin Trash Talkin' on the Court

Pirates Hall of Famer Earns His Pay in the Off Season

Target Practice New Zealand Style

Proof that wearing a cup for protection is smart -- even at home.

Phillies' Chase Utley Drops the F-Bomb in Philly - and the crowd goes nuts.

A sports legend story that has to be seen to be believed. - (From Woody Allen's Radio Days)

A classic World Series moment from Looney Tunes.

A sports challenge, Family Guy style.

The lovely smell of staying in shape.

The Umpire Strikes Back -- for absolutely no reason at all

A smidgen of street soccer from New Zealand results in a stiff penalty.

Legendary sportscaster Warner Wolf had recently lost his endorsement deal with Poligrip -- and it comes back to "bite" him.

A bit of nonsense from the Half-Ass boys from Down Under.

Wimbledon Tragedy Outtake? Not exactly - But a classic Monty Python moment that honors overtly violent film directing legend Sam Peckinpah.

Baseball Fight. Talk about defusing an impending donnybrook. Perhaps the Koreans have it right.

Iraqi Diving Finals. Seems like a low score from the Uzbeki judge.


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